About Us

Petrou & Co is a firm established for the purpose of providing a full range of legal services to clients from all sectors of commerce and to the private individual whether they are based in the United Kingdom or overseas.


The aim of the firm is to assist and advise clients approach all of their legal issues with confidence, to their best advantage or to the best advantage of their business, with the minimum interruption, and where possible minimum costs. The firm strives to achieve its aim by forming close and constructive relationships with all of its clients, old and new, and to ensure that communication with and the interests of the client is the firm's top priority at all times.


We advise clients on the identification and solution of all legal and commercial problems and, also the development and implementation of strategic operational concepts. We aim to understand the context in which our clients and their businesses operate so as to allow us to become an effective business partner.


The firm strives to combine traditional values with the progressive practices of a modern commercial firm. Through the quality and commitment of our staff, we strive to achieve a balance that offers real benefits to our clients whether they are seeking legal advice for themselves, their family or on behalf of their business.


We have the breadth of resources to provide a first class service to our clients, the technical skills backed by experience and the critical mass to undertake all transactions in an efficient and cost effective manner.


The firm can call upon a wealth of experience through its consultants and associates that would enable it to deal with all kinds of commercial transactions in most fields of law.